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Hi All and Hello Sunshine! 'The sun has finally got his hat on...hip hip hip hooray...'
Welcome to another instalment of;

How to start setting those goals, (those achievable goals)? as i said last time, one the main things that stops us from achieving and/being productive is ourselves. We can be our worst enemy!
We have to strengthen and love our mind and body. 
The sun is therapy for both the body and mind. My indoor plants are out in the sun, watered and fed with nutrients. I want them to absorb that lovely vitamin D.  

Before we can make positive progress and even start planning to be more productive, we need to start looking after our minds and body's.  Exercise your body AND mind, ENRICH your body and mind - fluid -WATER, EXERCISE, NATURAL living.  BUT remember "You don't have to get it perfect,  you just need to get it started"...  
Joe Schoeder

Start by... Take away 1 negative from your life - whether it be …

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